Houston is rarely thought of as a spot for wintry weather. But in early March of 2014, Jack Frost made quite the appearance. If you were here during that time, maybe you recall the freezing rain, ice, and slick roads. It could be that you were one of the 26,000 folks who lost power because of the storm. Why are we going down memory lane exactly? Well, colder weather is just around the corner. Rather than being surprised when another major ice storm hits, why not be prepared for it? With that in mind, here are our top tips for driving in an ice storm:

  1. Slow down and keep a safe space around you – Ice presents some interesting challenges when driving. As opposed to snow, you may not be able to locate those trouble spots on the road. That’s why it’s best to avoid getting too close to cars either in front, behind, or on either side of you.
  2. Look for ice patches – If it’s sunny or you have the headlights on, watch the road for ice patches. They may produce a noticeable glare when the light hits them. Steer clear of ice patches whenever possible.
  3. Avoid bridges and overpasses – Ice tends to form quicker on these spots than other typical roadways. Find an alternate route to your destination if you’re concerned about crossing an overpass or bridge.
  4. Don’t panic if your car starts to slide – Not surprisingly, this is easier said than done. When your car begins to slide, your instinct may be to power your way out of it. But this is how bad accidents often happen in ice storms. Remove your foot from the accelerator and focus more on steering in the direction of the skid. Should you be forced to break, do so gently rather than abruptly.
  5. Give yourself some extra time – Not too many folks in Houston are all that familiar with driving in wintry weather. In any storm, regardless of how bad it is, you’re going to have to cope with reckless drivers. So if you know that the morning commute will be challenging, wake up a little earlier and allow for extra time on the road. Of course, you’re better off being a few minutes late to work than dealing with a major accident because you were driving too fast.

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