If you’re in the human resources industry, chances are that you’re currently swamped with work. From helping wrap up year-end tasks to hiring employees for the new year, there isn’t likely much free time during the day. Then you remember there’s also one more thing on your plate: Planning the company holiday party. As recently as two years ago, an eye-popping 30 percent of employers did not throw a holiday party, according to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management. The reality is that there are many benefits to hosting a company holiday party. It’s a great way to build culture, boost morale, and it allows you and your employees to get to know one another. Plus, it shows employees that they are valued. So how do you throw a party that employees will actually want to attend? Here is our company holiday party checklist:

  1. Set a date – Depending on how large your organization is, you may want to send a survey to employees with date options. Then send a “save the date” once you have a majority vote.
  2. Set the budget – With this step, it’s imperative to first determine the maximum budget. Then you can allocate what you’re willing to spend based on priority. For example, is food or entertainment more important? Can you afford to go all-out on both?
  3. Pick the type of party – Will this celebration be held at work or after hours? You could also choose to have a themed party on a weekend so that more employees (hopefully) attend.
  4. Choose the food/drinks – This is where you can go any number of directions. Whether you opt for venue-provided food, a sit-down meal with servers, buffet, or just a handful of appetizers, the choices are seemingly endless.
  5. Select the entertainment – For the most part, company holiday parties are judged on the entertainment aspect. Take some time to figure out what kind of music you’re going to play. Are you aiming for dance music or tunes that are more low-key and relaxing? Depending on your budget, you could also bring in a DJ or live entertainment.
  6. Don’t forget the extras – Something as simple as a photo booth or raffle can be the cherry on top of an incredible holiday party.
  7. Remember the transportation – The last thing you want after the holiday party is for your employees to get behind the wheel of a car. That’s why transportation is such a major aspect of the planning process. While you could offer ride-sharing credit, that may not be the most convenient thing for everyone. Frankly, hiring a charter bus service for your company holiday party makes the most sense.

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