Here at Merlo’s Charters, we regularly have customers who book overnight trips to Dallas, Austin, New Orleans, and other cities. As comfortable as our vehicles may be, the fact is that such trips involve lots of sitting and waiting. So how can you actually enjoy yourself and not look at the time every five minutes?

Here are a few charter bus survival tips worth considering:

Pack light

Whether you’re headed to a casino, bachelor/bachelorette party, or different occasion, there’s no reason to overpack. Remember the essentials, including clothes, water, and maybe a snack or two. Other than that, don’t feel the need to bring anything else.

The last thing you want to do is overpack and wind up with less space on the bus. Not to mention, the charter bus service probably has some sort of baggage policy.

Choose your seat carefully

We take passenger comfort very seriously at Merlo’s. Frankly, there is no bad seat in any of our vehicles. Just know the ride feels bumpier in the back, so if you’re at all concerned, choose a seat in the middle or front.

In terms of passenger amenities, we have you covered. Our executive van, for example, is equipped with leather seats, a CD player, built-in TV with DVD player, and a spacious luggage area. A luxury motor coach, meanwhile, features multiple TVs, DVD players, and lots of extra room.

Read a book

You can only be on your phone for so long before getting bored. Before your trip, pick out a few books from the library, add a deck of cards to your bag, and do whatever necessary to keep you busy during the ride. This is an opportunity to put away the screens, so take advantage of it.

Take time to stretch

So you got on the bus prepared with water, snacks, and things to do. But that doesn’t mean you should remain in your seat the entire time. Take advantage of breaks to get off the bus and stretch.

Believe it or not, this will help you feel less worn out once you arrive at your destination.

Play a game

Maybe you’ve read a book and taken a short nap. But then you wake up only to realize you’re still another hour or two from your destination. What’s left to do?

We recommend playing a few games. If you’re in need of suggestions, be sure to read ‘Games to Play on a Charter Bus Trip.’ Games are a fun, easy way for passengers of all ages to pass the time!

An Affordable Charter Bus Service in Houston

Not everyone enjoys the thought of lengthy bus rides. But at Merlo’s Charters, we make the customer our first priority. Each of our vehicles come fully equipped with air conditioning, spacious leg room, and other amenities to keep you and the rest of your group comfortable.  

Family owned and operated, it’s no secret what makes Merlo’s one of the top-rated charter bus rentals in Houston. Let us enhance your next getaway.

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