So you got stuck with scheduling the event transportation for your group. Lucky you! But while selecting the perfect charter bus company can be hectic, you can avoid the stress that often comes with it as long as you follow the right process. Keep reading and check out what you should be looking for according to the professionals at Merlo’s Charters.

  1. Dependability – You don’t want to have anything to do with an event transportation company that’s unreliable. There’s no need to worry about dependability when it comes to Merlo’s. As a family owned and operated business, we’ve been servicing the Houston area since 1999. While we’ve grown to be one of the largest ground transportation companies in Southeast Texas, our emphasis on reliability has never wavered.
  2. Safety – Never underestimate how much or how little a charter bus service values the safety of passengers. A major reason why our team has enjoyed the growth it has is because we maintain the highest safety standards. In fact, we own our maintenance facility to ensure that you are riding in the most reliable fleet on the road. From our drivers to our vehicles, we are incredibly strict with our safety expectations.
  3. Comfort – You don’t want your bus ride or airport shuttle ride to be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, far too many companies squeeze as many passengers as they can into vehicles. At Merlo’s, we take a much different approach. For example, our vehicles come fully equipped with air conditioning and spacious leg room for a relaxing ride. Our towncars and SUV’s also come with leather seating, reading lights, CD players, and spacious trunks that make traveling with us a breeze. Our customers realize as soon as they step into our vehicle that they are our first priority.
  4. Versatility – The size and needs of your group are much different than those of someone else. Merlo’s features an extensive fleet to handle anywhere from three passengers in a towncar to 56 in a motor coach. Our vehicles can easily serve as an airport shuttle or provide executive transportation for a business professional, luxury transportation for special occasions (prom, date night, bachelor/bachelorette parties), or a stress-free option for road trips.
  5. Affordability – We are proud to say that while we emphasize the aforementioned qualities, we also keep our rates reasonable. As a family owned and operated company, we want as many folks as possible to be able to afford our services. You can be certain that our prices won’t break the bank and that many times, Merlo’s is often less expensive than ride-sharing alternatives.       

Merlo’s Charters – More than a Bus Ride

You could be interested in Merlo’s for a number of occasions, including corporate contract services or a night out on the town. Regardless of your plans, we are here to enhance your experience by making sure that you’re comfortable, safe, and on time.

Should you have any questions about our charter bus services or fleet, we invite you to contact us.