With summer in full swing, it’s officially that time of year for road trips with the family. But if you’re going to be traveling with young children, it’s important that you cover all the bases during your preparation. The last thing you want is for your vacation to be ruined because the road trip turned out to be a disaster. Keep reading for some of our top road trip tips.

  1. Know about the location’s cellular security – Hopefully, you’re able to get off the grid as much as possible while on vacation. But it’s still a good idea to have a phone handy should you encounter an unexpected event on the road. You may want to consider asking your service provider about roaming fees and countrywide coverage.
  2. Get your vehicle squared away – If you plan on logging thousands of miles on your car over the course of several days, it’s imperative that you get your vehicle serviced ahead of time. That could mean an oil change, new wiper blades, or even new tires. Speaking of tires, don’t forget to double-check that your current spare is in working order. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road in an obscure town.
  3. Keep the games handy – “Are we there yet?” You probably don’t want to be hearing that from the backseat every 20 minutes. To help pass the time and keep your kids occupied, be sure to have plenty of games at the ready. This could range from scavenger hunts to the always popular license plate game. When you think it could be time for a break, turn on some music!
  4. Choose the right snacks – You’ve got to pack plenty of road trip eats, right? It’s no secret that healthy snacks can make a huge difference during your trip. So don’t just stop at the nearest gas station and load up on chips and candy. Instead, take some time at home to prepare trail mix, apples and peanut butter, cut vegetables, yogurt, and other similar foods that won’t put a damper on the trip. Do your best to stick to bottled water as opposed to juices or soda.
  5. Pack lightly whenever possible – Your vehicle can only hold so much. For a weeklong trip, don’t think that you need every pair of socks or shirt in the closet. It’s best practice to allow each person to have one bag as a way to avoid overpacking. As mentioned in this guide from the Travel Channel, opt for duffel bags and backpacks rather than hard suitcases.    

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