Houston residents are choosing to use ridesharing services in 2018 more than ever. On the surface, Uber and Lyft may seem like affordable, convenient options for transportation. However, most passengers fail to realize the dangers of ridesharing until they have a bad experience. Why take that risk? Let’s look at five reasons why a charter bus company is better than a ridesharing service:

  1. Insurance coverage – Let’s say that you decide on Uber to get you to and from the Astros game on a Friday night. What was supposed to be a fun, relaxing night with friends turns out to be a disaster. Not only does your Uber driver run a red light and cause an accident, but you require medical treatment as a result of their carelessness. Now what? Well, if your driver is using a regular auto policy and not commercial coverage, you will likely be responsible for bills. Granted, rideshare services now require drivers to have proper insurance. But you’re still risking getting into a vehicle with no coverage at all.
  2. Background checks – We’re guessing you would never get into a vehicle with a complete stranger. Yet so many passengers do on a daily basis with rideshare services. Keep in mind that charter bus drivers are required to undergo background checks and maintain a clean driving record. It’s a completely different story with Uber and Lyft, where basically anyone with a car and a smartphone can sign up to drive.
  3. Experience – Here at Merlo’s Charters, we have been providing dependable ground transportation in Houston for two decades. Part of what makes us the premier charter bus service in the area is that we only employ drivers with years of experience. Since day one, passenger safety has been the top priority. You can rest assured knowing that’s never going to change.
  4. Vehicle maintenance and care – Rideshare vehicles come nowhere close to undergoing the same routine maintenance and inspections that our vehicles do. At Merlo’s, we maintain the highest safety standards and run our own maintenance facility to ensure that passengers are riding in the most reliable fleet on the road. Don’t forget that rideshare drivers are responsible for their own vehicles, meaning they probably aren’t in the best condition.
  5. Comfort – What compares to getting a ride from a complete stranger? How about sitting in the back seat with one? Not only that, but you have to tolerate an absolutely filthy car. Merlo’s Charters is proud to offer a number of vehicle options for your convenience. Of course, we keep them all looking brand-new and spotless on the inside.

Now that you know some of the pitfalls associated with rideshare services, we invite you to look further into our charter bus company. You can count on us to make sure you that you and your party are comfortable, safe, and on time. Merlo’s does everything from event transportation and luxury transportation to executive transportation and road trip transportation. Our vehicles also make the ideal airport shuttle.

Let us put your transportation worries to rest. Book your reservation today.