Here at Merlo’s Charters, customers regularly ride our mini bus or motor coach for long road trips. It’s perfect if you’re in need of reliable transportation to the casino or that family reunion in Dallas. So you book a reservation with us and eagerly await the day we leave. But have you thought about how you’re going to pass the time? If not, we have you covered. Here are some games you may want to consider playing with other passengers during that next trek:

  1. “21 Questions” – This one’s pretty simple. You have 21 questions to guess what a person is thinking. The game begins with something thinking of something. From there, others start asking questions. The one rule is that you can’t repeat a question that has been asked. The passenger who guesses it right gets to start the next round.
  2. “The Singing Game” – What’s a road trip without singing? “The Singing Game” is always a crowd favorite on our charter buses. It begins with one person singing a song (that hopefully a lot of people will be familiar with). The next person then has to connect a lyric from that song with another song of their choice. What makes this fun is that genres and eras are essentially thrown out the window. The game continues until somebody either messes up the lyrics or is stumped and can’t think of a new song.
  3. “The Movie Game” – Is the bus full of movie buffs? If so, then it’s time to test the film knowledge of other passengers. “The Movie Game” revolves around connecting actors through movies they have starred in. It starts off with someone saying the name of an actor/actress. The next person then has to name a movie that they were in. Whoever is next must provide another actor or actress from that same movie. If someone says an incorrect response, they have to sit out the next round.
  4. “The Alphabet Categories” – This isn’t the typical road sign game you played as a kid. The goal of this one is to name things in alphabetical order from a category. For example, you can start a category like foods, sports teams, celebrities, cars, etc. Once everyone agrees on a category, you start with A and travel down the alphabet. Feel free to get as specific with your categories as you’d like.
  5. “The Name Game” – Sometimes you just have to play the classics, right? This game involves connecting the first and last names of famous people. Start with the name of anyone famous. Whoever goes next must say a person whose first name starts with the letter of the previous last name.

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